Interview with the Artist behind Zip & Zoe!

Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:02:26 Europe/London

Interview with the Artist behind Zip & Zoe!

We have interviewed artist, Matthew Langille, to find out the ideas behind his creations, artistic influences and some fun facts!

Hi Matthew! How did you first get into art and illustrating?


My family is artistic, so I was used to being around artists.  


Can you tell us the most exciting piece of work that you’ve done?


It's always changing. Sometimes it's collaging old drawings, and sometimes it's my crayon drawings. It depends on my mood!


What would you say inspires you most?


Inspiration is funny, it's not a word I take lightly. If the question is why I am inspired to make art, it's kind of an easy answer! I'm easily inspired, I need to make artwork. I have no choice but to, so I'm driven to constantly.


What’s the best piece of advice you have been given as an artist?


To learn licensing.


What’s your favourite colour to use and why?


Red. It's powerful.


Can you tell us the last thing you drew?


A snake with my son William. 


What was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?




What did you used to want to be when you grew up?


Archeologist or deep-sea explorer. 


Use 3 words to describe yourself?


Fun, Passionate and Prolific.


What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

Cooking and being with my wife. 


What superpower would you have and why?


Cleaning! Because I have to... or my house would be a mess! 


If you could hang out with another artist for the day who would it be and why?


This is tricky girl! Dr Seuss, Shel Silverstein or Tim burton!


If there was a magic power you could have… what would it be?


To make the need for money to disappear! So people could do what they really want to do where they really want to do it.


You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?


Scarlett. My fav colour... even better than red!


Moving onto Zip & Zoe… How did you first come up with the idea for the characters of Zip and Zoe?


We needed a character and I was drawing hairy characters at the time. I drew a guy with tons of hair and boom! A kind of caveman slash, explorer/hipster emerged AND he had a female companion. 


How did you first come up with the idea for the characters of Dylan and Daisy?


They needed friends. What better than a Dino and a dragon?


What is your inspiration around the prints?


Colour, humor and fun!  


What do you hope children take away from the characters and the story?


Exploration, inspiration and imagination! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us today! See more of Matthew Langille's creations here.

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Meet the Characters!

Thursday, 9 March 2017 13:21:34 Europe/London

Meet the Characters!

Come and meet the characters behind our brand new super-cool backpack range! Brother and sister – Zip & Zoe are the best of friends and they like to explore with their pets Dylan the dinosaur and Daisy the dragon. Take a trip to Ogg Island and join Zip & Zoe on new adventures with your backpack every day!

Meet Zip!


Come and explore the world with a hoo-ha grab your backpack and a snack or two. All we need now is some fun and you!

Look at me I’m Zoe!

Pretty and clever as can be, with my hair piled high, I can reach the sky, come and see the world with me!

Hi, I’m Dylan the dino!

I skateboard every day… when Zip and I are on a trip we always have such fun!

Hi I’m Daisy the Dragon!

Come and fly with Zoe and me, to lands above the sky and sea! Strap up, hold tight, we’re ready for flight, zip, zoom, wheee!




Find out more about Zip & Zoe’s adventures here…

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The ultimate backpack for wandering children!

Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:56:28 Europe/London

We’ve all been there, a busy Saturday afternoon in a supermarket, you’re preoccupied over which fabric softener smells the best when you turn around and your little 3yr old, who was only 10 seconds earlier standing by your side, has now vanished. How can they possibly disappear so quickly? Those little legs that have just learnt to walk, have taken them not just steps, but aisles away so quickly and it doesn’t take long for panic to ensue! 

Well, it’s situations like this one fill parents with dread and is the reason why we created our new mini-backpack with reins. It’s a great backpack with all of the features you’d expect for your little’s one's first backpack but added to this we’ve included a chest clip and reins to make this little backpack your new best friend. Our mini backpack can keep them at a safe distance, whilst giving them that all important freedom to roam! This can be handy whilst shopping or visiting a particularly busy place, keeping them away from any busy roads or getting lost in huge crowds.

The next obstacle to overcome, as a mum was the actual wear of the bag! Our handy chest strap attaches the backpack in place, so no matter what they are up to – hanging upside down, climbing the fence into your neighbour’s garden or just walking down the street, the backpack will stay perfectly in place. The shoulder straps are also padded and extra comfy to make sure it’s not uncomfortable or a strain when they’re wearing it for long periods of time.

Your little one's backpack will also always stand out on the nursery peg, our ten unique designs featuring Zip, Zoe, Dylan the dino and Daisy the dragon into the funky patterns! All of our backpacks also include a bright yellow signature lining with a ‘write on’ nametag - so there’s no risk of mistaken identity in the classroom! An elasticated loop is also fitted inside to help keep your child’s drinking bottle perfectly in place whilst travelling, without any spillages! So… there really is no need for any more supermarket or classroom mini-dramas!

Take your pick from our 10 super-cool styles!

Shop Full Collection Here

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11 Ways to make your baby laugh

Monday, 13 February 2017 16:46:45 Europe/London

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Our New Collection has landed!

Friday, 13 January 2017 13:07:07 Europe/London

 Spring Summer 2017 is finally here and ready to pre-order for Mid – February delivery!

Our new collection features a mixture of striking prints and neutral shades on a number of new and exciting styles! All of our new bags now come with a built – in or detachable long strap. This strap is perfect for slinging over your shoulder, or attach it to your stroller using the integrated stroller straps, giving you that all-important hands free access. 

The Evie

Introducing to you the Evie, a new style to Babymel with a colourful and boisterous print! You will stand out from the crowd with this printed spacious tote style bag perfect for every fashion-forward mum. The Evie is available in 3 different colourways of pastel floral dot, fruity floral dot and grey floral dot print perfect to bring a touch of colour to every outfit. Big enough for all your essentials, the Evie also has lots of useful pockets for keeping everything super organised and ready to hand.


The Molly

Our second new design to the Babymel collection is the Molly. Available in two different colourways of pink and grey floral dot the Molly is not only pretty but also very practical satchel style bag. The front flap with magnetic popper closure keeps your valuables safe allowing quick and easy access while the numerous pockets allow all your essentials to be perfectly organised.


The Anya

Another new style to our new collection is the Anya. Available in two colourways of Black and Tan, the Anya ticks all the boxes when it comes to style and practicality. This changing bag is the perfect bag for every stylish mum complimenting your outfit for every occasion. Beautifully crafted from faux leather, with an attractive laser cut detailing front panel, the Anya bringing a touch of luxury to this design. It also includes essential drop pockets inside the bag as well as a zipped pocket for small items. 


The Bella

Our favourite Bella changing bag from AW16 is now available in two new prints ready for SS17! The origami heart print and the navy bow stripe are two exciting key prints of the season adding a touch of colour to your outfit for every occasion. The Bella is made with water-resistant, laminated cotton canvas, ensuring your bag will always look pristine, even after a few accidents! Nine internal and external pockets, make it ideal for storing and organising all those everyday essentials.

The Robyn

Mum's favourite, the Robyn is now available in the third colourway of Navy Origami Heart, alongside the black canvas and navy stripe colourways. The Robyn is our versatile 4-way multi bag - wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, crossbody or handheld with our easy to use convertible strap. Lightweight yet durable, this sporty design finished with contrasting faux leather trim, boasts plenty of pockets to organise all baby’s essentials. The Robyn also includes Mum's secret weapon, our Easy-Wipes pocket that has a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through... clever! The pocket is on the side of the bag making it easily accessible for whenever any accidents happen on the go. 


Pre-Order all of our SS17 styles on now!

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Babymel Top Picks for You

Friday, 16 December 2016 16:22:44 Europe/London

Our Top Picks for you

Mum’s favourite


The award winning Cara Navy Stripe is Mum’s favourite changing bag! Winning the Gold Award for ‘Best changing bag’ at the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards 2016, the Cara is by far the best bag for every stylish mum. This modern and on-trend bag is spacious enough for all those daily essentials, as well as ensuring your essentials are kept safe with an inner zipped pocket. The integrated stroller straps free up your hands on those daily outings ensuring that the Cara really is the prettiest version of practicality!


Simple, modern and stylish, the award winning Grace Tan is Babymel’s most stylish changing bag. Disguised as an ordinary handbag, this changing bag features multiple drop pockets to organise all of your baby’s essentials. In a versatile on-trend tan colour, the Grace will match your outfit, every day of the week. It can be carried by the shorter top handles, slung over your shoulder using the long strap or even attached to your stroller using our integrated stroller straps leaving your hands free – the Grace offers so many ways to change up your style!


The Robyn is our latest addition to the Babymel Collection, available in two different prints, with a third available to pre-order at the end of December 2016, the Robyn is mum’s secret weapon. This versatile 4-way multi bag - wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, cross body or handheld with our easy to use convertible strap. Lightweight yet durable, this sporty unisex design finished with contrasting faux leather trim, boasts plenty of pockets to organise all baby’s essentials. The Robyn includes our Easy-Wipes pocket which has a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through, so you can easily grab a wipe without having to undo zips or dig through your bag – perfect for quick clean- ups on the go!





You will never struggle to find what you need with our multi-compartment Toni bag. This is the bag for the super organised parent. Featuring an impressive 14 pockets in total, this unisex bag means you can keep control of all those essentials. You can switch between hands free use with our integrated stroller straps or use the grab handle for easy carrying.



The Millie, is not only stylish but it’s especially perfect for fitting in all of your babies essentials and is even large enough to cater for twins. With four outer and three inner pockets, we can guarantee this bag will fit everything you need for a day out with your children or even a weekend away!


Shop our full collection at

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10 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Friday, 9 December 2016 16:27:00 Europe/London

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BEHIND THE SCENES – AW16 photoshoot

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 15:12:41 Europe/London

Behind the Scenes AW16 Photoshoot

Yesterday was a busy day for the Babymel team as we got our beautiful next collection ready for our Autumn/Winter 2016 photoshoot!

morv and august

Working from a beautiful Victorian home in North London, we brought a new model on board, Jess, and our two star baby models Trudy and son of Morven (our amazing bag designer) August, who looked as adorable as ever.

We can’t give away too many details of our new AW16 range yet, but we can tell you that we will be introducing even more new styles to our lovely changing bag collection, and there will be a new addition to our accessories range also! You can expect to see our trademark bright and trendy patterns, as well as some more classic vegan leather styles like our Grace.

clothes behind scenes

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Pretty patterns and pastel colours: Spring/Summer 2016 has landed

Monday, 11 January 2016 15:18:00 Europe/London

Pretty patterns and pastel colours: Spring/Summer 2016 has landed

Babymel is welcoming in the spring 2016 season with a range of new bags and updates to their classic designs. Pretty patterns feature in a subtle, pastel colour palette, and the brand’s accessories line sees the introduction of the ‘change station’.


For parents who wish to carry changing items separately, don’t use a changing bag or need more space than their current changing bag provides, the new Change Station offers this versatility. The lightweight Change Station attaches to a stroller and includes plenty of storage pockets and a practical wipe clean finish. It is available in a choice of four patterns which co-ordinate with some of Babymel’s best-selling bags. A detachable mesh pouch is also included.


The Millie is a large design, new for spring/summer 2016. The ultimate organiser bag, with four outer and three inner pockets, and enough space for a weekend away, Millie is just as stylish as it is functional.

Like the Millie, Babymel’s Frankie bag is another practical design featuring plenty of pockets. With two outer insulated pockets to keep bottles warm or cool for up to four hours Frankie is ideal for parents of twins. Including two handy front pockets and two large interior elasticated pockets, and finished with attractive tan detail and heart and dot print wipe clean lining, the Frankie is as chic as it is practical.


There are also new additions to Babymel’s classic designs this season. The satchel is available in a choice of two statement patterns designed in-house by the London-based team; the wave and deco black. The Cara is also available in a wave print or dot pattern, the Big Slouchy in a dot print, and the Lily in a delicate fawn shade.

Staying true to this popular brand’s ethos ‘fun on the outside, organised on the inside’ Babymel’s spring/summer 2016 collection offers a signature selection of bold prints and thoughtful design features, perfect for the parent who expects their changing bags and accessories to be just as stylish as they are functional.

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Four weeks of Christmas joy: Week 2 with Reggie B Bibs

Friday, 11 December 2015 15:18:34 Europe/London

Four weeks of Christmas joy: Week 2 with Reggie B Bibs

It’s the second week of of our ‘4 weeks of Christmas joy’ competition, and this time we have a giveaway from ‘Reggie B Bibs’; a beautiful set of handmade bibs created using luxurious Liberty print fabric.

Reggie B Bibs are handmade by Cecily Benson, a London-based mum whose daughter Reginia inspired the name of the brand.

Owner Cecily studied printed textiles at Brighton University, and has taught textiles and design for the past ten years. Inspired by Liberty’s iconic fabrics, these soft cotton-lawn dribble bibs are made with love, and are just as beautiful as they are functional.

You have until midnight GMT time on Sunday 13th December to enter our Week 2 Christmas competition, when you share an image of your favourite Christmas decoration with us.

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