It looks like summer has now come to an end in the UK, with children slowly beginning to escape from the craziness of home life for 6 weeks and return back to the comfort of school where their biggest issues are having the latest lunch box and who they’re going to be best friends with that week.

Parents can finally hang up their coats as entertainers, travel agents, taxi-drivers and bankers, although it only takes that ‘first day back’ feeling for parents to realise, if truth be told, it’s their preferred profession. With life passing us by so quickly it is important sometimes to sit back and reflect on these moments, as everyone knows – our memories are not getting any better. Here at Babymel we have decided to look back on some of the stepping-stones our team’s children have tip-toed (or jumped and splashed in some occasions) across this summer, and although they might not take any notice now – these are the things that in years to come they will reiterate to their children, whilst trying to entertain them on a six hour car journey to the peak district.

If life is as much of a lesson as going to school each day, then going by some of Babymel’s parents’ stories it would seem, collectively, the Babymel children have learnt a lot over these summer months.


One of our team took her children to visit their family’s villa in Morocco. When her son was racing to get outside to play, she packed him off with a chocolate bar and clear instructions of where to go and where not to. A while later, he returned with more than just a suntan; As he captured his breathe he relayed the story of being chased around the streets by the local children, not for his Joules t-shirt or his Gap shorts but for his chocolate bar. Whilst her son has learnt to fend for himself at such a young age, it is comforting to know as parents that there are some children that are still easily pleased! Just note to self – next time keep the chocolate bars well hidden inside the kids’ Babymel Explorer bags!

So whilst we snuggle up on the sofa catching up on soaps we usually despise, but are rather comforting after a fortnight’s worth of CNN and BBC World News, we can think to ourselves, Eastenders drama has nothing on our family – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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