The weather’s just about looking up for summer but already the Babymel team are looking ahead to Autumn and the awesome new styles that we’ll be releasing when the weather turns. And a brand new range needs a brand new set of fancy photo’s to show it off to the best effect, so we set off into the depths of London to try and capture the spirit of Babymel Autumn Winter 2013! 

If you look really carefully you might catch a sneaky glimpse of some of the new styles; we can hardly wait for the summer to be over so we can release the range. Well, not really because we haven’t seen the sun in months and haven’t even indulged in an ice cream cone yet, but you get the idea, the bags are good! 


DSC_2758 low

Neatening up our models hair on a typical blustery London morning; we were lucky to keep hold of the hats! 


DSC_2851 low-1


Our Glamorous model Edie grabs a well earned snack while shooting; its important to keep your energy levels up when you’re busy being this fantastic! 

DSC_2857cropDSC_2963 lowDSC_2972 lowThe Adorable Arthur looking very concerned about something  maybe he’s wondering where his hand has disappeared to? Or maybe (more likely) he’s wondering where the cupcakes have come from and why he hasn’t got one! We’re all wondering the same thing Arthur, where are our cakes?!