Four Weeks of Christmas Joy: Wolfie and Willow

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us, and it’s time to celebrate with the start of our ‘4 Weeks of Christmas Giveaway’; a fab opportunity to treat our fans and hear from you about your favourite decorations, recipes, films and all things Christmasy!


For the first week’s prize we are giving away an adorable pair of moccasin booties from ‘Wolfie and Willow‘. Wolfie + Willow shoes are beautifully crafted, soft structured shoes ideal for babies and little adventurers. Ethical, stylish and comfortable, they are all handmade in the Wolfie+Willow factory in Wales.

The brand’s baby shoes are designed to ensure that the developing bones in feet are able to move naturally without any restrictions. Their soft structure protects little feet and does not hinder natural development, as they are made from lightweight leather which moulds to the foot like a second skin. This allows a child to feel the ground beneath them which is essential as they learn to move, balance and hone their motor skills. Recommended for indoor and light outdoor use.
Wolfie & Willow Clancy box

Wolfie+Willow was founded by a Welsh family, who moved to New Zealand to embrace a simpler lifestyle with their children in 2011. The family’s youngest son Gabriel inspired the name ‘Wolfie’ due to his adventurous nature, and ‘Willow’ as it is the founder’s favourite tree. Finger crossed you will win a pair of these special little shoes when you let us know which Christmas film is your favourite this week – our favourite answer wins.

Week 1’s competition will run until Sunday, and the winner will be announced on Monday 7th December. We are running a new competition every week for four weeks until the end of December, with the next brand up for grabs beautiful bespoke Liberty print bibs brand Reggie B, featuring in week 2 of our competition. Visit our Facebook page for more details.