It’s picnic time! Babymel’s guide to eating Al Fresco

It looks like the warm weather is well and truly here, much to the delight of all of us here at Babymel HQ. Us lucky Londoners are looking forward to a summer of lunch times basking in the rays over on nearby Hampstead Heath!

Beautiful sunny weekends are perfect for spending time outdoors as a family, and kids love the novelty value of eating their lunch outside. It also saves the mess and spilled crumbs all over your kitchen!


Thinking of quick and easy items to pack that won’t spoil quickly or be too messy to eat can be a little more of a challenge than a normal meal around the kitchen table however. Here are Babymel’s tips for tasty Al fresco eating:

Cheesecake jars

We all love a cheesecake, but they’re far too messy to be taken with you for a picnic right? Wrong! Use empty jam jars to make these easy and portable little treats, courtesy of blog ‘My baking addiction

Watermelon swizzlers

Chop a watermelon into bite size triangles and push a lollipop stick through the rind side to create a healthy alternative to ice lollies for your kids.

Pasta salad

Pasta salad are quick and easy, and work with so many different ingredients! Try a tomato based dish and add some tasty and delicious roast vegetables;. You can make it colourful with peppers, courgette, tomatoes and onions.

Alternatively the classic combination of pesto with roasted pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and artichokes can be put together in minutes from store-cupboard ingredients. Tuna pasta salad with sweet corn and spring onions is another favourite with kids.

Sweet potato bites

Roast some sweet potatoes for a healthy yet delicious alternative to crisps. Find out how here.

Scotch eggs

A retro picnic classic, you make these tasty treats a day ahead and refrigerate. Take a look at this mouth-watering recipe from Jamie Oliver:


Your child can carry about there own packed lunch in our range of special insulated lunch boxes, which keep their lunch cool for longer. Available on their own or as part of our Explorer rucksacks, they’re perfect for a busy day out as a family in the sunshine, as well as being an ideal school bag for daily use.