With the weather forecast predicting glorious rays during the half term, looking for fun affordable activities for your kids can be a bit of struggle.  Fear not as we have a selection activities and events to keep your little ones occupied with loads of fun involved and making sure you don’t break the bank either.

Festivals for Kids


London- Dalston’s Children’s Festival
Held on Saturday 26th May, the fun- filled children’s festival feature an array of free events and activities. With creativity being the real emphasis throughout the festival, kids will be encouraged to make things like fruit pizza and delve into events like carnival crafts. The two-day festival will consist of several events and projects, as well as a free screening of the Oscar award winning Walt Disney movie ‘Coco’.

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Nationwide- Chiltern’s walking festival

Held from Saturday 19th may till Sunday 3rd June, the spring festival will run through several locations around the UK including; High Wycombe, Reading, Luton and much more. The festival includes fun activities, local stories and of course a spectacular view whilst being accompanied by expert guides through the walk. The festival is the perfect day out for families and get a breath of fresh air of the idyllic sceneries of England for free.


For more details, visit www.visitchilterns.co.uk/walkingfest


Museums for Kids


London- journalism workshop at the National Army Museum

Based in Chelsea, the National Army Museum is offering a free workshop for kids to create their very own mini documentary of the museum’s artefacts. The free workshop will run throughout half term and sessions will run from morning till late afternoon, great for kids to tap into their inner journalist. The museum are holding several other free workshops throughout half term

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 London- Half term at the Horniman Museum

The Horniman public museum and gardens in Forest Hill are opening their doors to families throughout half term. With multiple events scheduled through the week, kids and parents will be able to attend ‘A World of Stories’ free storytelling session. The popular event brings the collection of the museum and the gardens buzzing with stories from around the world. Kids will also be able to explore nature and wildlife in their Nature Trail pond for a spot of pond dipping.


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Outdoor activities for Kids

Shropshire- ‘Nature Buggy walks’

Explore the serene views of the Severn Valley country park with your little ones alongside other families on Friday 1ST June. The 1-hour walk gives you a chance to embrace all things nature with your little one, making it a perfect combination for parents and children.


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Nationwide- Beachmania

With temperatures scorching at the beginning of the half term, a trip to the beach is the ultimate day out for all families. Luckily, there is plenty of beaches to visit during the half term break such as; Brighton, Bournemouth, Sussex, Norfolk and much more. This is a great cost effective trip that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, including little ones experiencing their first family beach trip. If you are looking to do something exciting for the family.

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Half term Cinema deals

 Nationwide- Cinema screenings if the weather doesn’t hold out!

Kids love a good cinema trip to see their favourite superheroes or Disney princess! Odeon and Vue cinema have fantastic offers during the half term break. Odeon cinema is selling tickets for kid’s screenings from as low as £2.50 throughout half term and the weekends. Vue cinema are offering a ‘mini morning’ scheme with tickets being reduced at a low rate.


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For more details for Vue click here

Last but not least...

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