Its pancake day! Arguably the best day of the year, there are far too few holidays that revolve around food. Yes its the start of lent, but that’s not the important thing here, no one wants to dwell on giving things up when there are hot fresh pancakes on the table!

So if you haven’t already had your pancake fix here’s our rundown of the best toppings to chow down before you swear off unhealthy food for the next month!

1. Lemon and Sugar – The unbeatable classic, it doesn’t get better than this!

2. Banana and Maple Syrup – cut your banana into slices, quickly fry them in some butter, pop them on your pancake and cover with maple syrup. Add blueberry’s for extra tastiness!

3. Toffee and Apple – Cook apple slices in butter and sugar for a few minutes and serve with toffee sauce, Toffee Apples aren’t just for bonfire night any more!

4. Fruit and Whipped cream – A great one for the kiddiewinks, just fresh fruit and whipped cream, strawberry’s, raspberry’s and blueberry’s work a treat!

5. Mango and Honey – Fancy something a bit more exotic? Try fresh cubed mango, a spoonful of runny honey and a dollop of Greek yogurt. You’ll want this every morning, not just pancake day!