I am someone who likes to have everything planned out and within my control so when I found out I was pregnant, the books came out and the research began. However, it soon became clear that although I had read the books…….that baby certainly had not!!!!! Here are ten things I wish I knew before having a baby.

1 – The sleep deprivation is real!!!! So not only do you go through labour you then have to look after this beautiful little bundle on next to no sleep. Don’t be alarmed if you start hallucinating. 

2 – Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. After reading lots of books, I thought I would have it down but no, no I didn’t at all. Breastfeeding wasn’t instinctive for us but we persevered and managed a whole 16 months. 

3 – Whilst we are on the minefield of breastfeeding, put the whole “you’ll baby will feed every three hours” to the back of your mind. Feeding on demand is exactly that and for us, it was every forty five minutes for at least two months. 

4 – I felt love like never before. The love I feel for my son is something I cannot explain but I feel absolutely bursting of love for him with every part of me. I am proud of literally everything he does and even like watching him eat!! Who does that? 

5 – The amount a tiny baby can poo is hard to believe. EVERY.SINGLE.NAPPY will be full of the stuff. Stock up on those wipes and nappies. 

6 – Going to a coffee shop, garden centre of farm shop will be a day out for you now and coffee soon becomes something that fuels your life. 

7 – Everybody has advice for you or a story to tell. My best advice is to nod along and take it with a pinch of salt. We all parent in our own way and that’s ok, do what YOU feel is best and go with your heart. 

8 – If you didn’t argue with your partner before, you most certainly will now. Playing top trumps with who's had the least amount of sleep or who changed the last nappy but it’s important to remember you’re in it together. 

9 – You will become a performing clown. Doing whatever it takes to get your baby to smile, even if that means you are singing ‘wind the bobbin up’ over and over whilst doing the actions in the doctors surgery, annoying everyone else. 

10 – Buying extra phone storage is inevitable because of course you will need to take 50 photos of your baby’s gorgeous little toes and very first poo (yes I actually did that). Oh and you’ll spend your evenings looking at said photos whilst your baby sleeps.


I hope these tips help, I know reading something from a mum instead of a book would have helped me feel a little saner during a 3am feed and remember that we are all in it together.

Gemma Jade x 

Gemma Rocking our Robyn Backpack