Packing for a festival can be difficult, especially when children are involved! Suddenly the load has doubled the size and become extremely heavy... how does this happen with only two small children? Some things you'll never forget to bring like the tent or your trusty wellington boots but smaller, equally significant things can be forgotten about and can be a weekend nightmare if left at home! We have written you our festival packing checklist including essentials for you and your kids meaning that these things will never be forgotten about or left at home. 

Packing Essentials:

1. A Tent – of course

2. Sleeping bags and inflatable or roll up mats and pillows – sleep is the most important part of a festival, without it energy levels will slide dramatically the following day and that is the last thing you want at a festival with kids

3. Backpacks for everyone! Even the kids (if they carry one at home) it’s a great idea to get them to carry their own raincoat, toys, drink and snacks with them

4. Wellies are a must have, mud at a festival is inevitable

5. Picnic Rug – you can take this into the festival or you can use it to sit outside the tent and play games in the mornings

6. Bin bags – a big must have on the check list, these can be used for many things including a raincoat, a place to store muddy wellies and items, binning rubbish and even a ground mat if it gets wet or muddy

7. Waterproofs and raincoats - never trust the British weather forecast

8. Sun hats for the kids and maybe the big kids (adults) too

9. Sun cream – You do not want to be burnt and ruining the fun

10. Changes of clothes, warm pyjamas and a jumper/hoody – you can never have too many layers

11. Teddies… of course – these simply cannot be forgotten

12. Tissues, wipes and hand sanitiser – wash and wipe your hands on a regular basis

13. Giant water bottle or container that you can fill up for everyone

14. Lots of snacks – festival food can be very expensive

15. Mini first aid kit – just in case of any accidents

16. Torch or headlights for the kids is a fun way to stay safe in the dark

17. Toothbrushes/paste and toiletry essentials

18. Ear plugs are a must have for a good night’s sleep

19. Travel potty – if you have really young kids this can be very useful in the middle of the night (or even the day) for emergencies

20. Face paint/glitter/gems… maybe even fancy dress! Festivals are full of colour so embrace the festival fever

21. Crayons/colouring books – any small, fun and easy activities to keep your kids occupied in the mornings before the music starts and as a bit of down time to relax during the day

22. Bubbles – these are a must have and are much cheaper if you buy a pack before you go instead of paying a crazy amount at a festival. You will be the envy of other children and they cause hours of fun and games for all the family

23. Phone/Camera – finally it may seem obvious but take your phone and maybe a camera separately to stop your phone battery dying so quickly to snap away all those special moments and memories you are making

Our Festival Top Tips:

- Write your mobile or contact number and put it somewhere on your child’s person – maybe buy them a lanyard and stick your number too it just in case they get lost, you can never be too safe!

- Talk through a meeting point for everyone – older children will understand this but younger children might not, so point to the people that work at the festival and make sure they understand they have to go to them if they are separated.

- Take regular breaks, the kids might start off the day super excited and full of energy but after a few hours of constant fun they will be tired and ready for bed before the days even begun.

- Drink lots of water and keep hydrated! It may seem obvious but it’s a must have at a festival especially in hot weather with lots of people around.