Meet the Characters!

Come and meet the characters behind our brand new super-cool backpack range! Brother and sister – Zip & Zoe are the best of friends and they like to explore with their pets Dylan the dinosaur and Daisy the dragon. Take a trip to Ogg Island and join Zip & Zoe on new adventures with your backpack every day!

Meet Zip!


Come and explore the world with a hoo-ha grab your backpack and a snack or two. All we need now is some fun and you!

Look at me I’m Zoe!

Pretty and clever as can be, with my hair piled high, I can reach the sky, come and see the world with me!

Hi, I’m Dylan the dino!

I skateboard every day… when Zip and I are on a trip we always have such fun!

Hi I’m Daisy the Dragon!

Come and fly with Zoe and me, to lands above the sky and sea! Strap up, hold tight, we’re ready for flight, zip, zoom, wheee!




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