We’ve all been there, a busy Saturday afternoon in a supermarket, you’re preoccupied over which fabric softener smells the best when you turn around and your little 3yr old, who was only 10 seconds earlier standing by your side, has now vanished. How can they possibly disappear so quickly? Those little legs that have just learnt to walk, have taken them not just steps, but aisles away so quickly and it doesn’t take long for panic to ensue! 

Well, it’s situations like this one fill parents with dread and is the reason why we created our new mini-backpack with reins. It’s a great backpack with all of the features you’d expect for your little’s one's first backpack but added to this we’ve included a chest clip and reins to make this little backpack your new best friend. Our mini backpack can keep them at a safe distance, whilst giving them that all important freedom to roam! This can be handy whilst shopping or visiting a particularly busy place, keeping them away from any busy roads or getting lost in huge crowds.

The next obstacle to overcome, as a mum was the actual wear of the bag! Our handy chest strap attaches the backpack in place, so no matter what they are up to – hanging upside down, climbing the fence into your neighbour’s garden or just walking down the street, the backpack will stay perfectly in place. The shoulder straps are also padded and extra comfy to make sure it’s not uncomfortable or a strain when they’re wearing it for long periods of time.

Your little one's backpack will also always stand out on the nursery peg, our ten unique designs featuring Zip, Zoe, Dylan the dino and Daisy the dragon into the funky patterns! All of our backpacks also include a bright yellow signature lining with a ‘write on’ nametag - so there’s no risk of mistaken identity in the classroom! An elasticated loop is also fitted inside to help keep your child’s drinking bottle perfectly in place whilst travelling, without any spillages! So… there really is no need for any more supermarket or classroom mini-dramas!

Take your pick from our 10 super-cool styles!

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