Packing for any holiday can be a struggle and the kids are always top priority… but little things are always forgotten about, and become a crisis when it’s just too late! We have put together a packing list for your kid's backpack to keep them both organised and occupied for your travels on holiday!

1. Passport – The most important thing you need when going to the airport is your passport, so make sure you don’t forget it!

2. Favourite Toy - A journey without your little ones favourite toy would be a disaster! If anything is going to be packed in their backpack, it’s going to be that!

3. Snacks – These either can be bought at the airport or in advance, if you want to be super organised, it's better to pack your little one's favourite snacks beforehand to save any disappointment… and money!

4. Activity Book – Finding things to do on the plane can be difficult, especially on a long flight! A wide selection of fun activity books are available in many shops full of word searches, puzzles, dot to dots and colour me in’s. Activity books can keep your child occupied for hours and are a fun thing to do on holiday if the weather changes get a bit too much for them.

5. Books – Books filled with pictures and rhymes can be fun to read and look at! Any books that have interactive features such as finger puppets, or velcro stickers can keep your little ones occupied for hours! For older children, an interesting book can be the perfect distraction to make the journey go quickly.

6. Travel games/Pack of cards – There are lots of different travel games you can buy that are easy to carry and play with on the plane. A pack of cards has endless games to play or a game of top trumps is always popular! If your little one is too young to understand card games, maybe try a compact travel game, such as happy hippo or mini connect four.

7. Drinking bottle – Although you can’t take any liquids through the airport, take your kids favourite drinking bottle along and empty the contents of a shop brought drink into it, to stop any accidents or spillages on the plane.

8. Wipes – You can never have too many baby wipes! A pack in everyone’s bag will always come in handy at some point in the holiday.

9. Phone/IPad/Kindle – For older children, technology is the answer! Whichever device you use, it can be full of games, books, music and films to keep them busy for the entire journey!